Do Ping Website Free !!

Everything is now ready in, a site to ping your website, blog. If you’re entering the world of the Internet and have your own website, you know , to position your website in web searchers need do ping.

What is ping my web ?

Just the action, to inform the search engines that you have updated your website, and want to turn to check your new content.

How often should I ping my site?

1 time is enough per day, after having written new content on your site, if you exceed the number of pings to your website without having added new content, you can harm . So once, after adding information .

Where I can ping my free web ?

That’s the best question , here in the top of the page can ping your site , write the title of your website or blog , write the address of your site and click Send ping. And presto , this service is completely free, so you can use whenever you need . Do you like to know how my Web Free Ping !

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